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Fire Depend Fire Blanket

September 07, 2021 4 min read

Fire Depend Fire Blanket

Everybody has heard or experienced at least one fire spreading story which could or had led to many deadly circumstances. So, yes fire mishappenings occur and occur very commonly. There is no one particular way to it. If fire breaks out in a building then it is likely to spread until all the fuel with which it spread is used up completely, or for an instance if it happens by mistake in the kitchen area while cooking then it can go on and on until it eats up the whole wooden area and can be very dangerous as well. Talking especially about kitchen fires, the main reasons for it are leaving food on flame for too long or placing the combustible very near to the flame. This is mostly due to lack of time or care.

What to do?

A situation like this happens often whether on a larger scale or a smaller one. What do we do in situations like these?? Calling out for a fire fighting team or using fire extinguishing equipment can be time taking. So, an instant, reliable and doable solution to it can be being a firefighter yourself and resolving the fire breakout immediately instead of waiting for the fire fighting team and letting the fire spread out more and cause more damages. Everybody can be self-dependent and do this and that too without even risking their life by using the FIreDepend FIRE BLANKET. 

It is a wise investment as investing on this can save you a lot of dollars along with a few lives which are not even comparable to any amount. Buying this can be completely a no brainer as it is totally a life saving and emergency equipment that everyone should have at their homes.

What does the FireDepend FIRE BLANKET do?

A fire blanket is a safety equipment that is used to put out small (starting) fires. It comprises a fire-resistant material sheet that is laid over a fire to smother it. Small fire blankets, such as those used in kitchens and around the house, are often constructed of glass fibre and occasionally kevlar and folded into a quick-release contrivance for storage.

Fire blankets and fire extinguishers are both fire safety products that might come in handy in the event of a fire. These nonflammable blankets can withstand temperatures of up to 900 degrees and can help smother fires by preventing oxygen from reaching the fire. A fire blanket may be more useful for someone who is unfamiliar with fire extinguishers due to its simplicity.

Wool treated with some flame limiter solution is commonly used in larger fire blankets for use in laboratories and industrial settings (sometimes treated with a flame retardant fluid). These blankets are normally stored in a vertical quick-release container so that they may be quickly retrieved and wrapped over a person whose clothing is on fire.

These blankets are especially beneficial because fire extinguishers can also initiate severe lung irritation issues due to inhalation of smoke. Along with this, blankets are also of great help in case if the situation or person does not have much mobility as they can just be laid over on the object to stop fire with immediate effect. Hence, fire blankets have various parameters such as being pocket friendly, efficiency, effectiveness, coverage during mobility restriction and much more due to which it has taken an edge over other fire resistant equipment.

About the product

FireDepend FIRE BLANKETis a compact, space-friendly fire fighting equipment that comes with a detailed manual on how to use it. It has some incredible features which make it unique and a fast solution for stopping fire immediately. It is so easy to use that one does not require any professional training for using it and works within a blink of an eye. It is made up of welding-tested fiber-glass material that can resist temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

It does not require regular maintenance as it is always ready to use and a safe bet: there is no expiration date, no risk of misfiring, and no need for annual maintenance. Hence, buying it is a steal deal. It is also very simple to clean up after use and environmentally safe and does not emit any hazardous emissions when it gets heated up.

It comes with a 100 percent lifetime guarantee and is also reusable. The blanket is durable enough to be used again, but please inspect it after each usage. In case if there is something unusual with the product then the company takes responsibility and listens to the spot for any damage so that one can take advantage of its lifetime replacement warranty.

The product blocks deadly heat coming from the hotspot of the fire breakout. One of its most valuable features is that it allows one to escape flames by wrapping it around their body and acting as a barrier when escaping a fire. It can be done by simply covering the body with the fire blanket and reaching to a safe location.

In dealing with a damaging situation, one will need a technique to tame it, maybe using a tool to put it out so that in case it gets out of hand and escapes grasp and threatens to burn the entire body.

Scientific Reason for using it

Apart from fire blankets, there is also a complete literature present on firefighter protective apparel textiles as well as national and international standard test techniques. Shell fabric, vapour barrier, and thermal barrier are among the fire-resistant materials and combinations created for firefighter protective apparel. These materials are resistant to fire in firefighting situations. In addition, new materials are being created. The National Institute of Standards and Technology, for example, is now testing carbon nanotube fabric for firefighter protective apparel due to its high thermal conductivity and reflectivity. The authorities consider fire blanket to be a much better solution as it would not create any trouble due to the emission of smoke and such gases.


James Perez
James Perez